Colossians 4:6 Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt, so that you may know how to answer everyone.

Grace + Salt = Opportunity?

I want to look at this verse today in reverse order.  The whole purpose of the instruction in Colossians 4:6 is to know how to answer.  But what does grace and salt have to do with knowing how to answer?  After all, knowing something requires study, research, or experience.  What if it really isn’t about the knowing but rather having the opportunity to answer?


I think what Paul is really getting at here is that grace and salt are necessary ingredients to being able to make an answer for the gospel we believe.  Without a reputation of grace in our conversation, we become labeled as judgemental Christians.  Without grace, we lose our opportunity to answer, because no one is coming to us with the answers.  If our tone and our responses are harsh, judging, critical, or condescending, who is going to come to us with questions.  But if we are known for our grace, if we are known for gently handling the hearts and cares of others, they will come and they will ask.  I mean what thirsty person goes to a fire hydrant for a drink.  It would surely blast your mouth off!!  So is grace coming forth from us?

Secondly, we are to be seasoned with salt.  Now my wife can relate to this one (Tiffany too).  🙂  Things just aren’t the same without salt.  They don’t have the right flavor.  In the same way, the flavor of our life should be one that brings out the best in things.  And it shouldn’t be the salt that is tasted, it should be the item that has been salted.  So let us salt the world.  Let us salt the giftings of others.  Let us esteem others higher than ourselves.  Yes, be salt.  But salt also preserves.  It keeps things from going rotten.  Have we allowed ourselves to be spoiled by the world or are we seeking to preserve all this is good, whole, and right?  We are called to preserve God’s ways.  We are called to pass them down to our children.  We are called to hold the standard of Godliness high.  When we compromise, we lose our saltiness.

So be ready to answer anything that comes your way.  Prepare ahead of time to be asked.  Prepare your reputation by being known for your grace and known for your saltiness.

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