Share with your brother

1 Peter 4:10 Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.

Share with your brother

The Body of Christ is an awesome thing!  I love it when it is fully functional and all of the parts  are working together.  But sometimes it doesn’t work out that way.  We end up missing fingers, and legs, and noses, and hearts.  Say what?  Well, Paul writes that the Body of Christ is made up of many parts and every one of those parts has a purpose and is necessary.  But when we don’t recognize our part, the body gets kind of shaky!

Now Peter is talking about a similar concept here, but he is using “gifts” as his illustration.  You see, when we receive Christ and the Holy Spirit in our lives, we are equipped with gifts.  Some of those things may seem like spiritual gifts and some may seem like practical gifts.  Nonetheless, they are all gifts to be used to build each other up.  But what happens when we are like a selfish child who refuses to share the gifts that have been given us?  You know what I am talking about.  “It’s my toy!” No one else can touch it!”  So we try to teach the child about sharing and hope to spare the other kids any casualties.  But do we share the gifts that are given to us by God?

I know it’s hard to share sometimes; after all, it requires that we give up our time, our energy, our resources.  But it is when we use our gifts to serve others that we remember that the gift is from God.   And it is when we use our gifts to serve others that our gifts become rewarding.  What are the gifts that you have been given that you are hoarding to yourself?  Where are the places in which God would have you use what He has given you to build and edify the Body of Christ?

One thought on “Share with your brother

  1. This is so true Pastor Brad! I can honestly say that satisfaction and deep inner joy is the greatest when I know God has placed a gift in me and used it. Yikes, it is incredible because it is so beyond anything we can muster up in the natural. That is probably what make it so fulfilling — so don’t worry — I will never stop making chocolate chip cookies for my brothers and sisters :0)

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