This is Love

1 John 5:3 This is love for God: to obey his commands. And his commands are not burdensome

This is Love

Love flourishes when words are accompanied with action.  This principle is one that we can identify with in our own relationships.  It’s nice to hear the words I love you, but it is even better when someone’s action genuinely show that they love you.  Doesn’t scripture say that this is love, “that Christ laid down His life for us?”  Talk about action!

Here in 1 John 5:3, we are told that love is obedience.  To love God is to obey God.  That word “obey” is a verb, an action word.  It involves doing something not just feeling something.  Following God is not just about a feeling, although there is feeling involved.  You may feel peace, hope, joy, contentment, or a variety of other feelings.  But this relationship is not wrapped up in the feeling; it hinges on the action.  We can so easily get hung up on what we feel God is doing and forget to go to His Word and follow His commands.

It is that action, that response of obedience that gets many tripped up.  We wonder what God would ask us to do.  We freak out over what God might require of us.  But John reminds us here that those commands are not burdensome.  The commands of God are not to weigh us down, but to set us free.  His ways are intended to give us life.   My prayer today is that we will find freedom and life in obedience to God and that we would trust Him to lead us in His great ways!

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