The Lego Snatcher

2 John 1:8 Watch out that you do not lose what you have worked for, but that you may be rewarded fully.

The Lego Snatcher

My kids love to build with legos.  They build all kinds of things – houses, spaceships, towers, towns, etc. etc.  These little plastic blocks become masterpieces.  Yes, masterpieces that must go on display at times.  I often get asked, “Dad can I save this one?”  And we save them for a few days on a shelf or a table.  But sometimes their precious little almost-two-year-old sister comes along and really wants to play with their creation.  OH, the dreaded lego snatcher!  It is in those sometimes that they wished they had put their creation on a higher shelf.  It is those sometimes that they lose what they had worked so hard to create.  Now they will defend what they made, don’t get me wrong.  I have seen them rush over and  quickly snatch their spaceship our of little sister’s hands.

Losing what you work for is disheartening really, isn’t it?  Losing ground on something you put effort into is really frustrating and discouraging.  What about the steps of faith we have taken or the growth in our walk with the Lord?  There are times in our life when we take giant leaps forward in our walk with him.  There are times that we are growing and learning like crazy.  Those are exciting times and we need more of them.  In fact moving forward all the time is the best defense from losing what you have gained.

Then there are those times when doubt tries to make its way in.  Those are the times when the enemy tries to steal the glory of God from your life. What is our response to that?  Do we sit back and watch the enemy dismantle a miracle of God in our life?  Do we let him convince him that God isn’t really for us?  Hey now, if God is for us who can be against us?  No one!  We need to learn to be resilient in our walk and in the guarding of our walk. It will require us to watch out as John puts here in verse 8.  We need to be alert and not let the enemy steal from us.  We need to fix our minds on things above and not things below.  We need to stand firm and when we have done everything else, stand.  Stand in the face of doubt.  Stand in the face of discouragement.  Stand in the face of lies and deceit.  And most of all, don’t lose what you worked so hard for.  Keep your walk with Christ moving forward!

3 thoughts on “The Lego Snatcher

  1. I was thinking exactly what Bethany was. No enemy will be allow to steal what God gave to “His son, Levi”. When a theif is found he must return 7 fold so I say Levi’s lungs will be stronger than ever.

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