Jesus Gluttony

John 10:10 The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full (or abundantly).

Jesus Gluttony

I somewhat felt obligated to choose this verse today, being that it is foundational verse for Abundant Life.  Jesus truly came to give us Abundant Life.  Today, I want to take a closer look at what that means.  Yesterday, we were eating a big afternoon lunch, which my son Anthony really liked.  He had asked for seconds and was chowing down big time.  After cleaning his plate, he says: “That was really good.  I would have more, but I don’t want to be gluttony.  You know the whole gluttony thing is a sin.”  I swear I don’t where he learns this stuff.   But he didn’t want to be gluttony.  Okay then, good principle to start putting into practice at age 8.

What is gluttony really?  It is eating as much as you can and then eating more.  It is stuffing yourself to the point where your stomach is required to stretch in order to fit it all in.  It completely overwhelms your body beyond what it was expecting to contain.  When I thought about today’s verse, its dawned on me that Jesus really promised us gluttony of Him – more specifically the Holy Spirit that He would leave us.  He promised us an abundance, an overflow, more than we could possibly contain.  He promised us a measure of the Holy Spirit that we could have seconds, thirds, fourths, fifths and more of.   He promised us a stuffed full life.

Then why is it that we go starving?  Why is it that sometimes we feel hungry and empty?  I think there are two main reasons.  The first is that we forgot to eat.  That seems like a silly thing to do, but I really do think we forget to eat.  When LeeAnna was a newborn, Bethany would go all day long and realize how hungry she was because in the business of the day, she would forget to eat.  And we do the same things to with the things of God – we forget to eat.  We forget to invite Him to fill us daily.  We miss out on life in His Word.  We just live life hungry, when the opposite is available: more of Jesus than we can possibly eat.

The second is highlighted in the first have of John 10:10.   The thief comes only to kill, steal and destroy.  Now the thief Jesus was pointing to in this passage was actually Pharisees and false teachers.  We certainly need to watch out for the trap of religion and false teaching, but we also need to look at who the real thief is behind all of that mess.  That thief is the devil.  He is the one who wants to rob us of the abundant life that Jesus promised us.  He wants to separate us from relationship with God and from all that God has promised us.  I, for one, am not going to sit back and get robbed.  Instead, I will go for gluttony with Jesus.  I will pursue this abundant life that He promised for me.  Will you be robbed or will you eat your fill of Jesus?

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