Fly like a bird

Romans 8:1-2 1 Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus, 2 because through Christ Jesus the law of the Spirit who gives life has set you free from the law of sin and death.

Fly like a bird

There’s about 8 sermons in Romans chapter 8.   For the sake of both your time and mine, I will focus on just these two verses.  It is a good idea, however, to underline in your Bible all that stood out to you.  It’s an even better idea to write down your thoughts on at least one of the things you underlined.  Repeat this daily for spiritual growth.  Now to today’s topic.

Have you ever flown in an airplane?  I assume the flight went reasonably well because you are reading this.  Flying on an airplane should be a terrifying experience.  We should be completely freaked out of our minds.  I’m not talking about the naked body scans at the security checkpoint either.  I thought taking off my shoes was getting kind of personal, but wow.  I digress.   Back to flying through the air in a 400,000 pound piece of metal (800,000 pounds fully loaded).  Does that bother anyone else but me?  This just doesn’t seem right.  It shouldn’t work.  According to Newton, there is this thing called gravity.  We call it the”law” of gravity.  When I throw something up in the air, it comes crashing back down; it doesn’t soar.  And still we get in an airplane and trust it will fly us safely through the air.

If we are going to fly safely, we must put our trust in a higher law; that law being aerodynamics.  Thanks to the principles of aerodynamics, we can get in an airplane and fly.  Thanks to this higher law, birds can soar through the skies without great effort.  Sure, gravity still exists, but a higher law can be exercised which supersedes it.  Now I can’t imagine birds give a whole lot of thought to this subject matter.  They get gravity.  Some of them might have even fallen out of the nest when they were little.  But they fly.  They don’t give it much thought, they just fly.  Gravity doesn’t really have much of an effect on them.  They don’t “mess up” flying.  If they did, they would probably be dead.

Here in Romans 8:1-2 Paul is talking about two laws just like gravity and aerodynamics.  You have the law of sin and death, which is like gravity.  When you do nothing, you automatically default to it.  If you don’t flap your wings or board a 747, you plummet to the ground.  It’s the default.  It is a law of nature, so to speak.  Then there is the second law, the law of the Spirit who gives life.  This law is the aerodynamics.  It is what gives us the ability to soar.  It supersedes the law of sin and death and rises above.  We have been given the freedom to live life soaring.  We don’t have to be under the power of the law of sin and death, because the law of life in the Spirit is a higher law.

When I think about the birds and their automatic lifestyle subject to aerodynamics, I wonder why we don’t become more automatic in our living in the Spirit.  They don’t even consider a fall due to gravity, it isn’t an option if they want to live.  Living under the law of sin and death shouldn’t be an option either.  It will bring well, er… sin and death.  If we are going to have real life in Jesus, we’ve got to start flying.  We have activate the higher law in our lives.  It will cause us to soar and go to high places in Christ!  That’s the kind of life to live.

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