Because I’m lazy

Romans12:11 Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.

Because I’m lazy

Excuses.  We have plenty of them, don’t we?  And they most often come out when we have messed up.  Regardless of the arsenal of questions being fired at us, most of us are capable of coming up with a good reason.  I mean, excuse.

Traffic was bad, I couldn’t get anyone to help me, I didn’t know how to do it, the dog ate my homework, I had to work late, I ran out of time, it didn’t make sense, you didn’t tell me that, it wasn’t on my calendar, I have to wash my hair, the dishwasher was full, I was short on change, she started it, you forgot to remind me, my cell phone died… should I go on?

Excuses, excuses, excuses.  We make these same kind of excuses with God, you know.  He calls us to action, to walk out a calling and a purpose.  We get all fired up about it and are determined to conquer the world.  Then it happens – we fizzle.  We burn out and lose our zeal.  And we have lots of reasons for this lack of zeal, but wouldn’t it just be better to be honest about the whole thing?  “Because I’m lazy.”   Now that’s a real answer.  That’s some truth.

We don’t lose our determination for the things of God because we don’t have enough passion.  We don’t lose our spiritual fervor because we haven’t been taught how to keep it.  We don’t stop serving the Lord because we haven’t been equipped.  It’s probably something more simple than that.  Something like, “I forgot”, or “I didn’t feel like it.”  Walking out the things that God calls us to don’t require special formulas or the energy level of an overexcited chihuahua.  It requires what Paul is writing about here: spiritual fervor.  That means that you make a conscious decision to remain engaged with God.  It means you run after God with everything you’ve got – even when you don’t have the energy.  You see, if energy level determined our success we’d all be in a heap of trouble.  Paul didn’t really care if we were tired today, he said “never”.  Whether you feel like it or not, keep up your fervor – your endeavor to know God and to walk out his purpose for your life.  You will be eternally glad that you did. (The people around you might be happy about it too!)

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