Don’t punch yourself in the face

1 Corinthians 12: 27,26   27 Now you are the body of Christ, and each one of you is a part of it.  26 If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.

Don’t punch yourself in the face

Have you ever been so mad at your left ear that you gave it a piece of your mind?  Did you ever punch yourself in the face because you didn’t like what you were saying?  Have you ever tripped yourself, using your left foot to trip your right leg?  Maybe you have considered bending your right pinky finger backwards until you surrender?  Or possibly you’ve told your feet to go take a hike.    That’s all just absurd, if you ask me.  I mean, who punches themselves in the face?  Why in the world would someone purposely try to injure their own body?  To me, this seems to be teaching that shouldn’t have to be taught.  But as Paul points out, it happens in the church and needs to stop.

We are the Body of Christ.  Paul writes that we are all a part of it.  Some people are elbows and others are eyes.  We’ve got mouths, hearts, feet, and ears.  Sometimes I wonder what part I am?  I just don’t want to be the large intestine, because it is full of… um, uh – Anyways as I was saying, we are all part of the Body.  We are referred to in the Bible as a body of believers.  We all have functions; we all have a part to play.  But sometimes we try to live our life on an island.  We try to be a floating eyeball.  And this is not a good idea.  We are told that we are to work together and build one another up in love.

So why then do body parts beat each other up?  Why does the mouth take a cheap shot at the elbow?   It ain’t right, people!  You see, if one part suffers, we all suffer.  If the hands are weak and tired, we are all affected.  Our response should be to help those hands regain strength, not criticize them for being tired.  I’m telling you, there are people in your Church Body who are hurting.  There are people who are messed up.  Rather than asking, “what’s their problem?” we should be figuring out how we can help.  Because when they hurt, we hurt.  When they are living a life of sin, it affects the rest of us.  When marriages are falling apart, it takes a toll on the rest of the Body.  When someone is abused or neglected, we should all feel it.  You can’t separate a part from the Body.

On the other hand, when one part is honored, every part rejoices with it.  When lives are healed, we should all get excited.  When someone comes in first place, our response should not be one of jealously but of pride that a member of the Body has done it.  When someone succeeds, we need not sulk that we weren’t chosen.  Rather, we should rejoice in their advancement.  We are the Body of Christ.  We are called to be one.  The left hand doesn’t get to tell the right hand, “I don’t need you.”  That’s not the church that Jesus came to create.  In fact, that kind of church mentality forces us into treating church like a building.  All the people come and do their OWN thing and go back to their OWN lives.  But if we understand that Jesus came to build a people and those people would be the vehicle for His plan, we might start treating one another differently.  Think about it next time a body part is a mess.  Will you punch it in the face or cover it with grace?  After all, if that part heals, we all heal.

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