He handed us the phone

Judges 18:5-6   5 Then they said to him [the priest], “Please inquire of God to learn whether our journey will be successful.”  6 The priest answered them, “Go in peace. Your journey has the LORD’s approval.”  

Have you ever had a phone conversation through someone else?  It’s not the easiest way to have a conversation.  In fact the person in the middle usually gets tired of relaying all the messages.  It goes something like this: your wife, friend, brother, etc. is on the phone with someone you want to say something to.  So you say, “ask him… ” So she asks him and relays his answer.  Now that’s all fine and good unless you start having a conversation with him, through her.  Then it gets a little cumbersome.  At some point, it’s just easier if she hands you the phone.

This passage in Judges 18 reminds me of this kind of scenario.  The Israelites were not able to have a conversation with God on their own.  Rather, they had to ask a priest to ask God and then relay God’s message back to them.  It required a middle-man, a mediator.  Today, while God still speaks through others, He also speaks to us directly.  Essentially, Jesus handed us the phone.  He became the forever mediator, the great High Priest.  He made it possible for us to speak to God directly.  So the next time you need an answer, you don’t need to wait to hear from the priest.  Ask God and see what He says!

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