A Southpaw for the M’s?

Judges 20:15-16  15 At once the Benjamites mobilized twenty-six thousand swordsmen from their towns, in addition to seven hundred chosen men from those living in Gibeah. 16 Among all these soldiers there were seven hundred chosen men who were left-handed, each of whom could sling a stone at a hair and not miss.

This isn’t recent news or anything, but the Mariners are struggling again this season.  They just can’t seem to get their act together.  Maybe it is the starting pitching, the relief pitching, or the hitting.  Most likely, it is all of the above.  There are a couple all-stars on the team, but a couple all-stars don’t win ball games.  Freddy and Ichiro can’t carry the whole load.  So I think the scouts should make a trip to Gibeah and check out the talent.  In Gibeah, there are apparently some pretty talented guys.  Judges 20:16 says that they had 700 southpaws (left-handers) that could throw a stone at a hair and not miss.  A hair, people!  This is the kind of pitching accuracy we need.  Can’t we just fill our entire pitching rotation with guys like that?

The people of Gibeah had some good success with these guys too.  They were fierce warriors who struck down thousands of men who came against them.  There was just one little problem: they were the bad guys.  You see, even though they were a part of the nation of Israel, they were fighting an unrighteous fight.  So the rest of the tribes of Israel came out to fight against them.  These guys had some mad skills and they kept winning battles.  But eventually, they found that they were fighting against the Lord Himself.  As we know, that’s never going to be a winning fight.

So despite all their skill, they lost.  Despite all of their talent, they couldn’t achieve the victory at the end of the day.  The reason?  They were fighting against God instead of fighting for Him.  And it seems to me that we can find ourselves in the same predicament.  We may have all of the talent, brains, brawn, and looks.  We may be the best of the best, but if we are fighting against God, we will certainly go nowhere.  So we must examine our heart; we must examine our motives.  Am I using my abilities for the Lord or am I working against Him?  It’s a question we should strive to answer, because the answer will likely determine our success.  Let’s not be like the men of Gibeah – extremely talented in the wrong direction.  Instead, let’s take our talents to the Lord and say: “here I am Lord, use me.”

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