Outsourcing your Sword is a bad idea

I Samuel 13:19-22  19 Not a blacksmith could be found in the whole land of Israel, because the Philistines had said, “Otherwise the Hebrews will make swords or spears! ” 20 So all Israel went down to the Philistines to have their plowshares, mattocks, axes and sickles sharpened. 21 The price was two thirds of a shekel for sharpening plowshares and mattocks, and a third of a shekel for sharpening forks and axes and for repointing goads. 22 So on the day of the battle not a soldier with Saul and Jonathan had a sword or spear in his hand; only Saul and his son Jonathan had them.

Here in the thirteenth chapter of 1 Samuel, we find the Israelites in a bit of sticky situation.  Apparently they had been living for quite some time having outsourced their weapons to their enemy.  I know, I know – it seems like quite the tactical error.   Why in the world would they rely on another country to produce all of their needed materials?  What kind of foolishness is this? I mean, we would never do that now in America.   (*cough, China)

What strikes me the most is not the fact that they outsourced, it was in what they outsourced.  They outsourced their swords.   Outsourcing your sword is never a good idea.  But I think we as Christians have a tendency to outsource or swords.  Now by swords, I mean THE SWORD, of course – the Word of God.

We rely on the preacher, the radio station, the TV, a friend, a verse of the day email, or even… I hate to say it – this blog.  And while all these things can be good (especially the blog J), they should not be a replacement for our own ingestion of the Word.  We should be diving into our Bibles and learning and studying and being thoroughly confused.  And we should be striving to understand the things that we are confused about.  The bottom line is this: let’s not outsource our Sword.  Let’s pick it up ourselves and learn how to fight with it, so we will be equipped when the battle comes.

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