One easy step to success

1 Samuel 18:14 In everything he did he had great success, because the LORD was with him.

There have got to be thousands of books, videos, websites, and 10-step programs out there to attain success.  Some promise you money, some a happier life, and others health.  101 steps to success?  Really?  There are countless recipes, ideas, and schemes alike that are available for purchase right now.  Most of these programs do generate massive success and wealth… for the person selling them at least.  Why?  Because we humans are looking for a recipe.  We are looking for someone to tell us how to be successful with minimal work on our part.  Yes, everybody wants to be successful.

David was successful and he worked hard too.  He didn’t order a get-rich-quick kit off his TV.  He didn’t buy the best-selling book of the day.  Rather he actually discovered that there was really only one easy step to success.  Just one: have the Lord with you.  That’s it.  Because the Lord was with him, he had great success.  It says so in 1 Samuel 18:14.  He wasn’t successful because he was a good musician, good-looking, or even a brave warrior.  He wasn’t successful because the people thought he was the cat’s meow.  No, he was successful because the Lord was with him.

So if you want to work really hard at being successful, I suggest that you first work really hard at having the Lord be with you.  Invite Him into your life – your whole life.  Don’t leave any parts out.  And hang out with Him.  Spend time with the Lord in worship and prayer.  Take a time-out from your busy life and go on a walk with Jesus.  People might think you are talking to yourself; you might look a little crazy.  But I’ve come to discover that the world has no problem with successful crazy people.  Be a little crazy and work the hardest and cultivating your relationship with God, and I believe you will find success in all that you do.

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