Are you that insecure?

2 Samuel 17:23 When Ahithophel saw that his advice had not been followed, he saddled his donkey and set out for his house in his hometown. He put his house in order and then hanged himself. So he died and was buried in his father’s tomb.

Wow, that dude is insecure.  It was just one decision, Ahithophel.  Just one.  Here’s the scenario: Absalom had just taken over Israel… forcefully from his father.  Even though David was the anointed king over Israel, Absalom decided he should be the one to sit on the throne.  So he called his officials together and asked, “what should I do now?”

Ahithophel came up with a simply battle strategy to hunt down David and kill him.  But Hushai came up with one the king liked better.  And off they went to battle, all except Ahithophel.  He went home and hung himself.  What drives a man to be that insecure?  I mean, this guy was really insecure.  His job wasn’t to run the kingdom, it was just to give input.  So when your input isn’t accepted, get over it.  That’s the nature of the job.  You don’t have to go hang yourself just because you had one bad day.

We can get this attitude in our heart as well.  We have one bad day and decide we should throw in the towel.  One person tells us they don’t like what we did or said and we feel like our life is falling apart.  Are we really that insecure?  Security doesn’t come from others.  It doesn’t come from what they think about us or our ideas or our personality.  It comes from above.  Our identity is rooted in who Christ says that we are.  If we dig our roots down deep into Him, we will find that feedback, criticism, and rejection from others won’t really seem like that big of a deal after all.

2 thoughts on “Are you that insecure?

  1. So true… a timid heart.. a person like me who longs to be liked, praised for her good works, usually looks to the people instead of to God…. like He is not enough to boost my ego.!??! Like a mere man or woman on Earth makes or breaks how I feel about myself….. It is true that is how I have been my whole life… but since I gave my heart to Jesus….. I am here to make God proud…. I still like to be liked 🙂 Who doesn’t but when I “fail” it doesn’t tear me up like it did in the past. Good word.

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