Who touched me?

Luke 8:25a “Who touched me?” Jesus asked.

This is one of my favorite verses in the Bible.  Now I realize that Jesus said lots of crazy things.  Most recently in my reading of Luke 8, he is sleeping in a boat that is sinking.  He wakes up, calms the storm and asks, “where is your faith?”  That’s not even a fair question.  I mean, the boat was sinking after all and He was sleeping.  I digress.  Jesus asks the question of who touched him and I can almost see the look on the disciples’ faces.  “You’re kidding, right Jesus?”  It says in verse 42 that there were so many people around, that the crowds almost crushed him.  The disciples told him so, too.  “Jesus, EVERYONE is touching you!”   I love it and I must admit I probably would have told him the same thing.  It’s like when a pastor says during a sermon, “if you’re here today and …”  Uh, we are all here today.  Did you forget we were sitting here listening to you?  That’s just the thing; everyone was touching Jesus.  Yet He wanted to know who touched him.

There must be a difference between touching Him and touching Him.  At least that is what He was saying.  Many bumped up against him that day; many were even pressed against him.  But only one person truly touched him.  She connected.  She experienced the fullness of his person and his power.  Yes, many people watched his miracles that day and many heard his teaching.  Hundreds and hundreds of people were inspired by him enough to follow him.  One was changed by the power of His touch.

Who are you in this scene?  Do you desire inspiration or touch?  So many Christians have been bumping up against God for years and yet have never truly experienced the power of his touch.  His touch brings life and healing.  But you have to want it and you have to pursue it.  I don’t want to live my life only being inspired by God, I want to live my life being touched by His presence and His power.  If you have been a member of the crowed, bumping up against God in your life every now and then, I challenge you to reach for his touch today.  Reach for his love and his healing.  If you will just make that connection, you will never be the same.

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