Biblical Instruction for Congress and Senate

1 Kings 5:10-12 In this way Hiram kept Solomon supplied with all the cedar and pine logs he wanted, and Solomon gave Hiram twenty thousand cors of wheat as food for his household, in addition to twenty thousand baths  of pressed olive oil. Solomon continued to do this for Hiram year after year. The LORD gave Solomon wisdom, just as he had promised him. There were peaceful relations between Hiram and Solomon, and the two of them made a treaty. 

I would like the congress and senate to read this chapter of the Bible, please.  It’s a story of two different leaders, with two different belief systems, get this… getting along.  They figured out how to get along to accomplish something great.  Solomon provided resources for King Hiram and in exchange was given building materials to build the temple.  They could have declared war on each other, but they learned to work together for a greater benefit.

Do you have any people in your life who are unlike you?  They may have different goals, dreams, visions.  They may have different ideals and standards.  They may have a different way of leading.  But just because we are different, doesn’t mean we can’t work together.  Yet we tend to create walls between ourselves and those who are different from us.  We do it for our comfort and we do it for self-preservation.  If we just looked at the bigger picture, we might see that God will use others for His glory.

Who is it you are avoiding?  Who do you refuse to work with?  Ask God today for His bigger plan and see if He would call you to work together for a greater purpose.

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