What are you doing here?

1 Kings 19:9  He entered a cave there and spent the night. Then the word of the LORD came to him, and He said to him, “What are you doing here, Elijah?” 

Have you ever found yourself someplace that you weren’t supposed to be?  It’s like being found in the hallway by the principal when you are supposed to be in class.  It’s like running into your pastor while he is doing prison ministry… except you are on the other side of the bars.  The question is: what are you doing here?  It’s a long story, we might say.  Or maybe we will just say, uh…ya…um…well…

Elijah found himself in this situation with the Lord, which is not a good place to find yourself.  He had just finished destroying the 450 prophets of Baal.  He called down fire from heaven.  He was bold, courageous, supernatural, and unstoppable.  But then he got a text message from Jezebel that read: “I M going 2 kill U.”  Of course nobody wants a text message like that.  It would freak me out, that’s for sure.  Actually, I had someone threaten my life once.  It was a crazy young kid that I had to fire.  Creepy.

Back to Elijah.  What gets me about this situation is that this bold prophet of the Lord ran and hid in a cave.  He believed that God could destroy 450 false prophets but wouldn’t protect him from Jezebel.  So he found himself in a place that he shouldn’t have been in.  Do you ever find yourself in those situations?  You are called to live according to the purpose of God in your life, but you are hiding out.  Maybe your cave is fear or maybe your cave is sin.  Whatever the case, the Lord would ask you: “what are you doing here?”  “Didn’t I call you to walk away from sin in your life?  Didn’t I ask you to trust me?”

What cave are you in today?  Can you hear the voice of the Lord speaking: “what are you doing here?”  If so, simply leave the cave and walk into His grace.


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