Can you cure me?

2 Kings 5:6-8  6 He brought the letter to the king of Israel, and it read: When this letter comes to you, note that I have sent you my servant Naaman for you to cure him of his skin disease. 7 When the king of Israel read the letter, he tore his clothes and asked, “Am I God, killing and giving life that this man expects me to cure a man of his skin disease? Think it over and you will see that he is only picking a fight with me.” 8 When Elisha the man of God heard that the king of Israel tore his clothes, he sent a message to the king, “Why have you torn your clothes? Have him come to me, and he will know there is a prophet in Israel.” 

Naaman had a skin disease, presumably leprosy.  Word came to him that there was a prophet in Israel who could cure him of his disease.  So he went to his king asking permission to go see this prophet.  Now keep in mind that Naaman was the commander of the army in Aram.  He better be careful entering Israel’s land or he might be seen as a spy.  Well, the king of Aram wrote a letter to the king of Israel asking him to cure him of his skin disease.  And it is at this point today’s scripture picks up.

Look at the king’s response: he tore his clothes.  He wondered how in the world he was supposed to do  anything about Naaman’s disease.  In fact, he suspected that the king of Aram was sending this guy to him to pick a fight.  “Oh, so you won’t call on your God to heal my commander, huh?  I declare war!”  And the king of Israel was frustrated that someone would actually come to him expecting to see healing.  Elisha, on the other hand, had way more confidence in the Lord.  He called for Naaman and administered his healing.

I wonder who we respond like when people come to us as believers for hope.  I wonder if we are like the king who gets frustrated and says, “what do these people want from me?!”  I’ll tell you what they want from you, they want the hope that you have.  Elisha recognized that this man was not just coming to see the king of Israel or to see a great prophet.  He came looking for the power of God.  And we should expect that people will come to us too, looking for the power of God.  After all, if you want to meet Michael Jordan, find someone who knows him.  So when people come to you with their problems, consider that maybe it’s because they recognize you know someone with solutions.   You don’t have to get frustrated like the king of Israel; just show them the way to the Lord and let Him be their answer.

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