Full of crap

2 Kings 10:26-27   26 They dragged out the sacred pillar used in the worship of Baal and burned it. 27 They smashed the sacred pillar and wrecked the temple of Baal, converting it into a public toilet, as it remains to this day. 

This is pure awesomeness!  You’ve got to give credit to Jehu.  He was one hardcore dude.  He annihilated the leadership of Israel that was leading them away from God.  Then he tricked all the followers of Baal into attending a massive fake worship service for their fake god.   Once they started to worship, he had them all killed. But he didn’t stop there.  He destroyed the temple.  Now he could have burned it all to the ground, turning it into ashes.  Instead he did something totally creative and unexpected – he turned it into a public restroom.  Now for years and years to come, it would be known that Baal was full of crap.

You know what I like about this?  It’s that he took something horrible, sinful, and wicked… and did something useful with it.  That takes some serious guts.  It takes recognizing that God can redeem just about anything.  Now I know that a public toilet isn’t really all that spiritual, but it is necessary and highly practical. It served the needs of the people.  He took something useless and with God, made it useful.

My whole point in this is that with God, there is nothing and no one unredeemable.  God can take the things of this world and turn them for His glory.  He will take the resources of the wicked and use them to build His kingdom.  He will take people like Saul (Paul) and radically transform his life, his calling, his mission.  And he can transform me, too.  He can take my garbage, my wickedness, my foolishness, and make me into a man who advances His kingdom.  I have this hope today, that neither you nor I are beyond God’s reach.  We are not too far gone to be redeemed.  Have hope today and turn your heart toward the One who redeems.

4 thoughts on “Full of crap

  1. Oh yeah, this title brought a smile to my face…..and I think Jehu made a pretty big statement regarding how he felt about Baal and idol worship…….

  2. Nice post! Thinking about it, didn’t Elijah make a reference to Baal being in the toilet on Mount Carmel (in some translations)? Shows the contempt in which they held the Baals.

    (Just one thing though – should the reference at the start of the post be 2 Kings 10, not 1?)

  3. My son and I were reading this scripture when he insisted that I look up to see if we could find pictures of this part lol. Your title “full of crap” was in the results. I thought it was someone saying the whole story was a lie so I passed it by, then later decided to read it alone. Glad I did. I love your modern summary lol.

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