The boy king

2 Kings 11:21  Joash was seven years old when he began to reign. 

Sometimes kids think they run the show. Shoot, in some houses they do run the show.  Do you know any kids like that?  They are convinced that they are the boss, the ruler of the world.  Ya, I have a 3-year-old like that.  But she’s learning that she isn’t the boss.  Joash had a different predicament.  He had to learn to run the show.  At age seven, he became king of all the land.  Can you imagine having a child for a king?  Would you have ever thought to use a seven year old?

Well, God did.  Making Joash king was God’s idea.  Apparently He doesn’t have a problem using children for His kingdom purposes.  But we adults don’t always see the same way.  We are like the disciples that tried to keep the little ones out of the way.  But Jesus said, let the little children come to me.  He wanted to touch them, to interact with them, to give them purpose for their lives.  So why is it that so many people view children as getting in the way of ministry?  Why do we view children as an obstacle to effectiveness?

Something tells me that God doesn’t share that view.  He doesn’t subscribe to a mindset that children should be seen and not heard (some people don’t want them to be seen or heard).  He wants the little children to come to Him.  He wants to speak into their lives and shape them.  Yet churches view too many kids as a problem.  They can’t find the volunteers to babysit.  In our church, I don’t want volunteers to babysit.  I want people to partner with God’s heart and invest in our children.  You see, at the church I am a part of, one-third of the population is children.  They cannot be ignored nor should they be.  They should be loved, taught, and brought to Jesus.  Because you never know when you’ll find a little king or queen in your midst.

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