The Lone Ranger

2 Kings 17:24-28 24 The king of Assyria brought people from Babylon, Cuthah, Avva, Hamath and Sepharvaim and settled them in the towns of Samaria to replace the Israelites. They took over Samaria and lived in its towns. 25 When they first lived there, they did not worship the LORD; so he sent lions among them and they killed some of the people. 26 It was reported to the king of Assyria: “The people you deported and resettled in the towns of Samaria do not know what the god of that country requires. He has sent lions among them, which are killing them off, because the people do not know what he requires.” 27 Then the king of Assyria gave this order: “Have one of the priests you took captive from Samaria go back to live there and teach the people what the god of the land requires.” 28 So one of the priests who had been exiled from Samaria came to live in Bethel and taught them how to worship the LORD. 

Yeehaw!  Remember the Lone Ranger?  I always wondered why they called him the Lone Ranger when he had Tonto.  After all, he wasn’t really alone.  But he fought injustice, taking out bad guys at every turn.  2 Kings 17 talks about another kind of lone ranger, a priest.  After all the Israelites had been kicked out of Samaria, the king of Assyria moved in a bunch of foreigners.  They had no idea how to serve God, so they didn’t.  In response, God sent lions to eat some of them… which naturally freaked them out and motivated them to find out who God was.  So they called on a single priest, and he became the lone ranger of the land.  He was charged with teaching them the ways of the Lord.

Sometimes as a Christian, we feel like a lone ranger in the places where we live.  Whether it be work, school, friendships, or neighborhoods, it can be difficult to be the only one following the Lord.  So we must remember that God calls us to these places as priests.  He calls us to teach others about who He is (so that they won’t get eaten by lions).  And while I say that somewhat tongue-in-cheek, there is truth to it.  The Bible refers to the devil as a lion, looking for those who he can devour.

Who do you know that is in the jaws of the lion?  Who do you know that needs rescuing?  God has sent you to these people the same way that the priest in 2 Kings 17 was sent to those people.  He was sent there to rescue them by bringing them to the knowledge of the Lord.  Would you be willing to be that priest?  I believe that, in Christ, you can.  You can be that Lone Ranger fighting injustice at every turn.  You can be that priest, bringing the saving power of Jesus to your world.  

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