God’s problem

2 Kings 19:14 Hezekiah took the letter from the hand of the messengers, read it, then went up to the LORD’s temple, and spread it out before the LORD. 

Anyone ever have a problem that was bigger than you could handle?  I sure have!  It’s an overwhelming place to be.  You feel hopeless and out of control.  And often you feel that there is no way out.  You try hard to plan, budget, and problem solve, but the problem just won’t go away.  Where should you turn?  What’s your next move?

King Hezekiah had something important figured out.  He went into the temple of the Lord with his problem.  Literally.  Hezekiah grabbed the letter that he had received and took it with him.  He spread it out before the Lord and said, “here God, have a look.”  What’s my problem is your problem, Lord.

Let’s be clear: Hezekiah wasn’t blaming God for his problems.  He wasn’t saying that God had made this mess or created this obstacle to teach him a lesson.  This kind of thinking is what keeps us trapped.  We will struggle with going to the Savior if we believe He caused our need for rescue.  Hezekiah wasn’t complaining or whining either.  He wasn’t drowning in self-pity.   Rather, he was looking to God to be his solution.  He was looking for help.

Where do you turn for help?  Do you try to solve all your own problems or do you let Him?  I have a pastor friend who says, “God, you’ve got problems.”  I love that statement because it embodies Hezekiah’s response.  It is a statement that includes God in every part of our lives – both the good and the bad.   It’s the best way to respond to crisis: to lay it all out before the Lord and ask for His intervention.  Try it and discover the difference it makes.

One thought on “God’s problem

  1. I don’t believe God “caused” our prolems, but he did allow them. It makes me want to run to Him even more, because I know only the best comes from His hands for my best. Great verse you used. I want to read more about it.

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