Be Like Mike

Daniel 6:5 Finally these men said, “We will never find any basis for charges against this man Daniel unless it has something to do with the law of his God.” 

Daniel was a man above reproach. He did no evil, nor did he find himself in the grey area of the appearance of evil.  He was an upstanding man in whom no one could find fault.  So when the jealous royal dudes tried to do him in, they had a hard time with it.  They said to each other, “we will never find a way to file charges against Daniel.”  So they made up a bogus law and had him thrown in a den of lions. (Sorry about the use of “dudes” and “bogus.”  This feels like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure so far.)

Most of us know the rest of the story:  Daniel prays and by doing so, violates the ridiculous law that people could only worship the king.  So he gets thrown in with some lions who don’t eat him, thanks to the Lord.  The king was a nervous wreck the whole time and was relieved that God saved Daniel.  Then he threw the accusers and their families in with the lions who ravenously destroyed them.  You know, classic Bible story stuff.

The takeaway for me from this whole soap opera isn’t necessarily that God rescued Daniel.  I so knew that He was going to do that; that’s just how God rolls.   No, what really stands out is the fact that these guys couldn’t find anything against Daniel.  Could that be said about me?  Let me rephrase that: that couldn’t be said about me.  But I want it to be.  I want to be someone who is so above reproach in that I could never be accused of something wrong.  So I must pursue holiness.  I must pursue a life in which I strive to be more like Jesus – not only to know him, but to think like him and act like him.  

When I was a kid, I wanted to be like Mike.  So did every other boy.  We wanted to do slam dunks from the free throw line.  We wanted to hit jumpers with 3 guys in our face.  We wanted to have a mediocre minor league baseball career.  Well, not that last one, but you get the point.  Michael Jordan was the MAN!  But I don’t want to be like Mike anymore.  I want to be like Daniel – a man of integrity, honestly, and honor. 


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