Hosea 4:16  For Israel is as obstinate as a stubborn cow. Can the LORD now shepherd them like a lamb in an open meadow? 

Have you ever been around a stubborn cow?  Seriously, not fun.  A stubborn cow won’t be led; it won’t be herded.  A stubborn cow kicks when you try to milk it.  A stubborn cow hangs out in its own pasture rather than sticking with the group.  A stubborn cow is just a plain ‘ol pain in the butt.  Cut to the word of the Lord spoken to Israel: “you are a stubborn cow, a pain in the butt.”  Moo, Israel, mooooo.

Now I don’t know about you, but God has never spoken to me in animal sounds.  But in this case, He was really wanting them to baa rather than moo. You see, a stubborn cow is lousy at follow the leader.  A lamb, however, takes her every cue from her shepherd.  She looks to him for direction, warmth, protection, and food.  She trusts him for her next meal and runs to him when the wolves come.  She knows his voice and get this… actually listens to it.  Not the case with a stubborn cow.

So what will you be today?  A stubborn cow or a lamb?  Moving from cow to lamb requires that you surrender your obstinate ways.  It requires following the Great Shepherd into the open meadows.  It means training your ears to His voice and waiting for His command.  Be a lamb today.  Make the decision to embrace the baa and lose the moo.  Not only will you please God, but you will find peace and joy in following your Shepherd.

One thought on “Moooooooooo

  1. Reading your message took my mind and heart to a place where I have been working on getting to, tonight I realized I found it. This is how I read it, my husband is to be the leader in our home ( GOD as the head). I look to him for cues, warmth, direction, and protection when the world comes knocking in. I trust in him and listen to his voice. Thank you GOD for the gift of my husband!!!!!!!!!!!!

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