Bad Mail

Hosea 9:1 Israel, do not rejoice jubilantly as the nations do, for you have acted promiscuously, leaving your God. You have loved the wages of a prostitute on every grain-threshing floor. 

Okay then.  This is quite the picture God is drawing for Israel.  Seriously He is ticked off in this chapter.  He’s had enough.  So through the prophet Hosea, He doesn’t hold back.  And it starts like this: “Hey Israel, what are you doing having a party?  Why are you acting all happy and excited about life?  You should be hanging your heads in shame.  You are doing disgusting things and you know it.  You have got to be kidding me!”  That’s a piece of mail I never want to get.

Have you ever received something in the mail that ruined your day, your week, your life?  It’s an unexpected bill, a letter from the IRS, a collections notice.  Or maybe it’s a letter from a former friend who wants to chew you out.  Not fun, not fun at all.  Which is why it perplexes me that kids love to get the mail.  Most adults I know do NOT want to get the mail.  I digress.  Bad mail can ruin a day.  It can bring anxiety and bring a dead halt to happiness.  You could be having a birthday party and bad mail can be game over.

That’s kind of how I see Hosea 9 going down.  Israel was partying it up, having a great old time.  While that was going on, God delivered some bad mail.  He wasn’t happy, He was sending them to collections, they were toast.  That’s bad mail.  But it was mail with a purpose.  God wanted to set them free.  He wanted them to turn away from their wickedness and turn to Him.  He wanted their hearts back so He could show them His.  You know somthing, He wants the same from us.  So if you ever get mail like that from God, turn to Him; write Him a response.  After all, that’s what He’s looking for.