Come inside

Hosea 13:4 “But I am the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt. You shall acknowledge no God but me, no Savior except me. 

We are a people in need of saving.  I’m not talking about clipping coupons; that’s a different kind of saving.  I am talking about the need to be rescued.  We need to be rescued from pain, from hurt, from sin, from depression, from anxiety, from hopelessness.  That’s just a short list!  Yes, we need saving.

So we turn to all kinds of things to save us.  We look around us to find something that satisfies, something that completes us, something that will bring us some happiness.  We look to temporary things just to make the bad feeling go away.  That’s like being handed a jacket on a really cold day.  It will make you warm for a while, but eventually you need to come inside.  Eventually you get cold again and seek refuge.   God is that refuge!

Jesus is the only Savior, there is no other.  He’s the one who has called us out of darkness and slavery into His glorious light!  So He asks us to acknowledge no one else as God in our lives.  Because He knows that He alone satisfies; He alone can save us.  It’s time to lay down our substitute saviors and turn to the only true one.  It’s time to recognize who really saves.  Don’t settle for temporary rescue from the cold, come inside and find life in your Savior!

2 thoughts on “Come inside

  1. i remember the day I was saved. It was actualy during church. You were talking about it, and when we were praying, i decided that I wanted to be saved. the date was July 8th 2012. thank you Brad, i am thankful that God led you to us.

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