In need of repair

Amos 9:11 In that day I will restore David’s fallen tent.  I will repair its broken places, restore its ruins, and build it as it used to be…

Israel fell and fell hard.  They turned away from the Lord and worshiped other gods.  He was no longer the center of their life, their great and mighty king.  Yes, Israel blew it.  It became broken, a place of ruins. And because of it, the wrath of God, His justice, would be poured out on them.  No God did not tolerate sin, He moved to remove it.  For He desired a holy people, set apart for Him.  The garbage had to go; sin needed to be destroyed.

Amidst the impending destruction and wrath, we see the God of mercy and restoration.  We see His love for His people and the desire to restore them.  That’s what is so remarkable about our God. He is a God of restoration.  Even though David’s tent (family) had fallen, He promised to restore it.  Even though the nation was full of brokenness, He promised to repair it.  Even though it lay in ruins, He would rebuild it into something great.

It is the same with you and I, friends.  When our lives had fallen short, God in His great mercy came and lifted us up.  He restored our houses and filled our lives with His grace.  He searched out the broken places and repaired them in a way only He can.  He found our places of ruin and promised to rebuild us into a holy people.  And He is still at it today.  He is still finding my brokenness and healing me with His loving kindness.  To this day, He sees my places of ruin and with His great love and mercy, gives me the courage and strength to be rebuilt.    I don’t have to live a life in ruins!  For I serve a God who can and will make all things new!

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