More to learn

Acts 18:24-26 24 Meanwhile a Jew named Apollos, a native of Alexandria, came to Ephesus. He was a learned man, with a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures. 25 He had been instructed in the way of the Lord, and he spoke with great fervor and taught about Jesus accurately, though he knew only the baptism of John. 26 He began to speak boldly in the synagogue. When Priscilla and Aquila heard him, they invited him to their home and explained to him the way of God more adequately.

classroomWe’ve all met someone who really seems to have their act together.  They know what they are talking about and exude a confidence that others can only hope for.  They speak with passion, conviction, and authority.  We are impressed and are quick to listen.  Such was the case with Apollos.  He showed up on the scene in Ephesus and began to teach.  He was educated and taught with confidence.  But there was a hole in his gospel; he had more to learn.  Priscilla and Aquila picked up on it and refined his beliefs and his message.

I don’t imagine this would be the easiest mentorship for most people.  Here you have what we would call a mature believer being told he needs some mentoring.  Do you know many “mature believers” who feel they need mentoring?  Do you know many Christians who feel they have what it takes to mentor a mature believer?  Priscilla and Aquila were concerned less with offending Apollos or wondering if they were qualified, and more concerned with a solid gospel being preached. 

If we are going to be the church, we need to help those who have more to learn.  We must also realize that no matter where we are in our walk with the Lord, we still have more to learn.  It’s important to have a solid foundation of doctrine, but I have met Christians who have come to the place of no longer learning.  Everything they read or hear goes through a filter of whether or not they agree.  They don’t actually listen, they just judge the material.  And when we do that, we aren’t allowing the Holy Spirit to give us fresh revelation.  We aren’t allowing God to speak to us in a new way through ancient scripture.  We all have more to learn.

*Who would God call you to in the way Priscilla and Aquila were called to Apollos?

*Have you become so sure of yourself, that you have stopped learning?

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