The Only King

Zechariah 14:9 The LORD will be king over the whole earth. On that day there will be one LORD, and his name the only name.

throne-hire-1Marriage is an awesome thing.  In our younger years many people participate in what we call dating.  What is dating?  Well, I guess it’s trying out your heart on different people.  Will this relationship be a fit?  Is she the one?  Some people date a lot.  Like too much.  Lots of girlfriends or boyfriends.  But hopefully they will get to a place in their life where there is only one girl or only one boy.  Hopefully they will come to the place where they put dating behind them and experience marriage.  On that day, there will no longer be many.  No more flirting around with others.  On that day, there will be one.  One queen.  One king.  No others.

God says that there will be a day when there is only one King, one Lord, one name.  Wait… isn’t that day already here?  After all there is only one God.  Technically that’s true.  The problem is that people like to serve their own kings and their own lords.  They like to put other people and things above God and in turn, serve them.  When will they get a clue?  If they would just understand that there is only one King that can meet their every need they wouldn’t need to bow down to many others.  If they would just understand that there is one Lord, they wouldn’t enslave themselves to the things of this world.  When will they get it?

While we sit there asking that question, I believe the Lord wants to ask us the same one.  When will YOU get it?  When will YOU make me the only king in your life?  When will YOU stop serving the false god of money, fame, and security?  When will you call on MY name like it is the only name?  Yes, when we begin pointing the finger out, the Holy Spirit points it back directly at our own hearts.  If we want a world that treats the Lord as the only God, it had better start with us.

*How many kings are you serving?

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