Steve Largent was my hero

Malachi 2:5  “My covenant with him was one of life and peace, and I gave these to him; it called for reverence, and he revered Me and stood in awe of My name.

largentThink for a moment about someone you looked up to as a kid.  Mine was Steve Largent.  He was my hero both on the field and off.  Every spectacular catch he made left me in awe.  He made Seattle quarterbacks look good and made God look even better.  He was a man of integrity and a man of action.   I remember in elementary school I wrote a short story about the rapture happening during a Seahawks game.  Now I know that isn’t a typical kids short story, but stick with me.  Steve Largent goes out deep for the end zone.  The ball is launched through the air and Largent makes the leap of his life.  But then all of a sudden he continues to rise up and up and up and up.   And at that moment hundreds of fans in the stands start to ascend as well.  What is this?  The rapture!  Silly, I know – mixing football with end times theology.

Back to the point.  I revered Steve Largent.  But I bet that his mom or his brother had a very different relationship with him.  To them, he was familiar.  They knew both his strengths and his weaknesses.  So to them, he may have been less of a hero.  Familiarity will do that… if you let it.

We do the same thing with God.  He has given us His grace and has made way for us to know Him.  We have gone from strangers to sons and can call Him Father.  His mercy has covered our sins so that we are not cast out.  But it was never His intention to give us grace in place of  reverence.  He is still God.  We should be living in a place between grace and awe.  Awe in who He is and awe in what He has done.  Awe in what He could do to me if He really wanted.  But He won’t, because His covenant is one of life and peace.  For that alone I should stand in awe of Him.

*Does your familiarity with God lessen your awe of Him?

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