Pass the earplugs

2 Thessalonians 1:3 We ought always to thank God for you, brothers, and rightly so, because your faith is growing more and more, and the love every one of you has for each other is increasing.

ear-plugsHave you ever spent an extended amount of time with people you don’t know all that well?  At first it may be awkward, but as you get to know each other it starts to work.  You are getting along just fine when out of nowhere – it happens.  You start getting annoyed.  That one guy keeps double dipping in the vegetable dip.  That lady’s laugh is starting to drive you crazy.  That mom won’t keep her kids in line.  That dude keeps telling the same story over and over.  You’ve heard it 27 times already!  Can somebody pass the earplugs, please!?

Extended time with people we don’t know that well doesn’t always turn out great. I guess for that matter, neither does time spent with people we do know well.  We are all different.  Our personalities don’t always mesh; our pace of life doesn’t match up.  We have our own needs and others get in the way.  So how is it that the Thessalonians had increasing love for one another?  They weren’t grating on each other’s nerves, they were growing closer in heart.

That’s what happens when the Holy Spirit begins a work on God’s people.  The church is called to be the Body of Christ.  There are many parts and they all have a purpose.  Their purpose is to work together for the cause of Christ.  It is not to serve their own needs.  It is to serve one another so that the Body can be functional.  That’s what I believe the Thessalonians were doing.  As they functioned as the Body of Christ, they began to love one another more and work together with greater effectiveness.  The foot realized it needed the eye and the mouth realized it needed the hand.

This, too, is how we should be today as the church.  We shouldn’t grow weary of one another or make each other crazy.  We should learn to work together for a greater purpose.  If we could figure that out, the gospel of Jesus Christ would take the world by storm!

*Do you need to work on loving others?

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