Holding His Hand

Genesis 6:9 Noah was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked faithfully with God.

holdmomshandWe have a rule in our family and you probably do too.  We expect our younger children to hold our hand when walking across a street or in a parking lot.  Now sometimes they just want to hold our hand and hang on tight with love.  But other times, we have to squeeze a little and remind them that our hand means safety.  On occasion, I have pulled my daughter back when a car was coming.  She felt free to run but I saw the car.  So I gave a tug and kept her close.  Close to my side.  Close to my voice.  Close to safety.

Noah lived in a wicked time – a time like no other.  It says in the text that every inclination of the thoughts of every heart was all evil all the time.  But Noah was different.  He was man who found the Lord’s favor.  While the other kids were running through the parking lot, Noah held God’s hand.  Yes, Noah walked faithfully with God.  With his hand tightly would around the fingers of God, he was safe.  When the traffic of life came his way, God pulled Him close.  And because he walked with God, his steps were in sync with his Lord.

Noah sets a example for us even today.  The life we live is like a giant parking lot.  There are many routes and many cars.  Danger lurks from every direction and every turn.  So we must grab the hand of our Savior.  We must walk in step with Him so that he can direct us.  When danger comes, He will give us a tug and keep us close.  Close to His side.  Close to His voice.  Close to safety.

*Is your hand grasping His today?

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