What’s going to happen to the kids?

Genesis 31:34-35 Now Rachel had taken the household gods and put them inside her camel’s saddle and was sitting on them. Laban searched through everything in the tent but found nothing. Rachel said to her father, “Don’t be angry, my lord, that I cannot stand up in your presence; I’m having my period.” So he searched but could not find the household gods.

boy hands over faceIn the movie, “Liar, Liar” Jim Carrey plays a lawyer who lies about everything in life.  He lies in court, lies to his coworkers, his friends, and his son.  Then one day, his son makes a birthday wish that his dad wouldn’t be able to lie for a day.  What ensues is not only hilarious, but teaches this man that being a liar will only ruin your life.  I don’t know that Jacob and his family understood this principle.

Laban was a deceiver.  He tricked Jacob into marrying the wrong daughter.  Jacob was a thief and a cheater.  He stole his brother’s inheritance and cheated while breeding the sheep.  Rachel was a liar. She said she was on her period so her daddy wouldn’t find the idols.  Deceivers, thieves, cheats, liars… it runs in the family.   Here’s the thing: it does run in the family.  This isn’t some random issue, it is generational.  What’s going to happen to the kids?  Will they be the same?  The answer is probably, “yes.”

This stuff in our lives will get passed on.  Our filthy mouths or our filthy hearts, our kids will catch it.  They will catch our words and our motives.  They will catch our disciplines or lack thereof.  They will catch the sin, passed down one generation to the next.  So what are we going to do?  Are we going to keep living a life of dishonesty in the name of self-preservation?  Are we going to ignore our sin and hope our kids will ignore it too?  Will we hide our idols under a blanket like Rachel?  So help me God!

*Come clean today. Not just for your sake, but for the generations to come!

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