You need God, not a Snickers

1 John 5:21 Dear children, keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts. 

Snickers (1)We’ve all seen the commercials. You’ve got someone like Betty White out there playing football just stinking it up. Then the teammates tell her to eat a Snickers Bar and when she does, she turns back into the dude playing some fierce ball.  The point is, that you need a Snickers to fuel you. The truth is, a Snickers probably isn’t the best thing to fuel you. It isn’t a meal, it isn’t lean protein, it’s a candy bar. It is covered in caramel and chocolate. Don’t get me wrong – it tastes good. But it’s really just a sugary replacement for the real thing that is needed.

John tells the church in 1 John 5, to keep away from anything that might take God’s place in your hearts. I can’t help think about the Snickers Bar. It might taste good, but it isn’t what your body really needs. And like that candy, we fill our hearts with all kinds of sweet substitutes that fade away as fast as we ingest them. They aim to dull the aches in our hearts and to heal the pain from our past. They try to fill the cravings of our emptiness. But nothing can replace God in our hearts.

Here’s the truth: you need God, not a Snickers. He’s the real deal. He is the full meal that will satisfy and nourish. He will bring health to your heart in a way that the candy substitute cannot. Will you join me today and take heed in John’s words? Keep away from the empty things that might take God’s place. Don’t let your eyes, your mind, your heart wander to places of temporary satisfaction. But delight in the Lord and in all that He is!

*Where in your life are you inviting the cheap substitutes into your heart?

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