Breaking News: Soldier misses battle because he was “too busy”


Okay, this didn’t really happen. In fact, I can’t even imagine this being a real thing. Can you fathom a soldier forgetting to report to the battle because the game was still on? Would you even consider that the pickup football game in the back yard went long so he missed defeating the enemy? Isn’t “I was just too busy” a good enough reason for the commanding officer? Not a chance. Being a soldier requires a focus as to why you are a soldier. It requires setting yourself apart for the mission.

2 Timothy 2:4  No one serving as a soldier gets entangled in civilian affairs, but rather tries to please his commanding officer. 

We are called to be a soldier of Jesus Christ (2 Timothy 2:3). As a soldier we are called to have our minds set on heavenly things, not on earthly things. We are to have our hearts set on the kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of self. This is our calling, to please our commanding officer and keep our eyes on His kingdom work. We are called to do the work of the Lord just as a soldier is called to do his work. We are to focus our lives on the mission.

Yet somehow, we end up getting entangled in civilian affairs. Our time is spent toiling over things that don’t last and things that don’t have a lasting impact. Our eyes are upon the things of this world rather than on the mission given to us by heaven. That’s not how soldiers behave. That’s not how their lives are guided. If our hearts are truly to “report for duty” then our lives must also fall in line. It’s time to stop allowing the civilian affairs to pull us away from our mission. We are soldiers; we are His. So let’s get to work.

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