The proof comes later

proofI am a fan of guaranteed things. Are you with me on this? I’m talking about no risk, all reward stuff. I would jump out of an airplane if there was a 100% guarantee that the parachute will open. I know the percentage is high, but it’s not 100. Maybe I’d step out more in faith if I knew it was going to work out. But that’s not really faith at all, is it? That’s just doing something that you know will produce the desired results. The truth is: most often, the proof comes later.

Moses was placed in a situation I find myself in often. It’s a situation in which he was hoping God would give him an up-front guarantee. Here’s how it went down…

Moses sees a bush on fire, yet the bush isn’t burning up, it’s just burning. He checks it out and it starts talking to him. Except it isn’t the bush talking, it is God speaking from within the bush. And God in the bush tells him that he is being sent to get His people out of slavery in Egypt. That seems intimidating to Moses, because the last time he tried to rescue an Israelite slave, it didn’t go well.  Moses wavers and questions God’s good judgement in choosing him. Here’s God’s response:heresyoursign

Exodus 3:12  And God said, “I will be with you. And this will be the sign to you that it is I who have sent you: When you have brought the people out of Egypt, you will worship God on this mountain.”

Wait a minute! What kind of a guarantee is that? “After it’s all done, you will worship right here with the people.” Yes Moses, after you have stepped out of your comfort zone, put your life on the line, and lead ungrateful people through a sea with soldiers chasing you – then God will confirm that it was really Him who sent you.

I wonder if I would take God up on that offer. I wonder if I would be willing to take the step of faith and receive the confirmation later. The truth is, faith requires… um, faith. It requires trust. And it means that sometimes (often) you won’t be confident of the outcome. But you CAN be confident in the God who sent you.

The proof usually does come later. And even though I’d like some proof up front, I have found that the actual outcome is often far greater than I could have ever expected. That’s the beauty of living for God and taking Him at His word!

*What is God calling you today? Where are the scary places He is sending you that require faith?

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