How not to respond to your calling

There are legends of the faith that we look up to. People like David, Esther, Paul, Gideon, Ruth, and Moses. Some were brave; others were bold. Some of them endured great hardship, while others reaped incredible blessing. And when we look at the end of their story, we celebrate their lives that were used greatly by God. But not everyone had the best start to walking out their calling… especially Moses.

Basically, God called Moses to do some cool stuff for Him, but Moses wasn’t so sure. He felt under-qualified. He was scared. So instead of taking God at His word, he argued. It’s not that he wasn’t sure if this was God’s voice. I mean if a bush on fire that isn’t burning up starts talking to you and says it is God, then you should listen and obey. Either that or drink more water and take a nap. But in this case, “listen and obey” was the correct answer.

Moses wanted to question everything, though. I wonder what kind of conversation the Trinity had about all that questioning? Did the Holy Spirit ask the Father, “Are you sure this is the right guy?” Did Jesus offer to just go take care of things Himself? Did The Father ask Jesus to hold Him back from killing this guy? I’m not sure exactly, although at one point in Exodus 4, it says that God was about to kill him. So that’s not good. But in the midst of all the arguing with God about his calling, the best part comes in Exodus 4:2-3. Check this out:

Then the LORD said to him, “What is that in your hand?”     

“A staff,” he replied.    

The LORD said, “Throw it on the ground.”

Moses threw it on the ground and it became a snake, and he ran from it.

scared manOkay, folks. HE RAN FROM IT. He ran from his staff that had temporarily become a snake. I imagine a high pitched squeal went along with his running. At which point God face-palmed.

Folks, Moses ran from that snake staff, but what he was really running from was his calling. He didn’t think he would have what it takes. He was certain God had knocked on the wrong guy’s door. Moses, running from a temporary snake was how he began his calling. Even though many years earlier, the calling of God was in his heart. Even though all along, he knew that God was calling him to greater things. When it came down to it, he panicked.

Later in life, Moses taught a class at the local seminary called: “How not to respond to your calling.” Okay, maybe he didn’t, but Exodus chapter 4 could serve as the curriculum. Here’s the thing: Moses was unable to see what God saw in him. He focused more on his shortcomings than God’s abilities. He worried about his potential effectiveness rather than God’s power to do the miraculous.

The calling of God isn’t dependent on our qualifications. It is not dependent on our readiness. What matters is the calling and the One who is doing the calling. So why not trust Him? Why not stand in awe that He would choose imperfect you to do something great for eternity!? Don’t run from the staff snake and squeal like a little girl. Pick up the mantle that God has for you and begin to walk in it!


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