Clueless: having no knowledge, understanding, or ability. Know anyone like that? I must admit that there are several things that I don’t have knowledge of or ability in. For example, gardening. I’m no good at it. My abilities are poor in this area. I have no problem admitting that I am deficient. But I don’t think I’d like to be called clueless. There’s a difference with not having an ability and being called clueless. Clueless is a derogatory term. It says way more than, “this fellow doesn’t seem to possess the clue.”

Dear-God-clueless-peopleClueless. It’s what you mutter under your breath about people who cut you off in traffic. It’s what you say about people who paint their houses hot pink. It’s the word that comes to mind for the customer service technician who continues to ask you the same question over and over again. “Yes, I’m sure it’s plugged in!” “No I couldn’t fill out your web form – I’m calling because my internet ISN’T working!”  Clueless.

For some reason, Moses seemed to think that God was clueless. “God, your plan isn’t working! Don’t you know how bad we’ve got it right now?” To which God responded: “You can be sure that I have heard the groans of the people of Israel, who are now slaves to the Egyptians. And I am well aware of my covenant with them.” (Exodus 6:5)

God wasn’t clueless. He knew the plight of His people. He heard their cries for help. He hadn’t forgotten His covenant with them (even though they “forgot” to hold up their end of it several times). He was well aware of their need and well aware of His promise. No, God wasn’t clueless by any stretch of the imagination. And you know what…

God still isn’t clueless. He hasn’t forgotten about you. He hasn’t been too busy to hear your prayers. He is well aware of what is on your heart. My question is this: are you well aware of what is on His? Because I think we tend to be the clueless ones. But God isn’t clueless. In fact, far from it. So if you feel like He isn’t seeing you, isn’t hearing you, isn’t paying attention – take heart today. Don’t give up. God loves you and He has a plan. He is well aware. He is NOT clueless!

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