Yoda didn’t need the cane

There’s this scene in Star Wars Episode II that remains one of my favorites. Yoda comes limping in to a room and confronts the evil Count Dooku. He’s got the little cane in his hand and leans on it as he walks. Poor old Yoda; the guy can barely walk. But then it happens… his lightsaber comes out and he starts fighting like a young man. He’s jumping around the room, doing 360’s and somersaults. He transforms into the ultimate Jedi Warrior. Wait a minute… Yoda doesn’t really need the cane, does he?


There were a couple of old guys in the Bible that had canes, too. Well actually they were staffs, but same idea really. Their names were Moses and Aaron – brothers. Old brothers.

Exodus 7:6-7 Moses and Aaron did just as the LORD commanded them. Moses was eighty years old and Aaron eighty-three when they spoke to Pharaoh. 

Now both of these guys walked around with staffs in their hands. Very practical, really, as they were in their 80’s. Old dudes sometimes need canes, or staffs. But it turns out that the staff was more than a walking stick; it was a tool that was used for God.

It says in verse 10 that Aaron threw down his staff in the presence of Pharaoh and it became a snake. Then Moses threw down his walker and it became a giant spider. Okay, not really – but that would have been cool! The point is, God used ordinary walking sticks to show His power!

I bet we’ve got some ordinary things in our lives that God could use to show His power. What would happen if instead of looking at the things we rely on as things that meet our needs, we look at those things as potential tools for God’s glory? What if our jobs became more about a mission field than a paycheck collection service? What if we viewed our money as a tool to accomplish God’s vision for our lives? What if we used a place a weakness to share about God’s faithfulness?

If Moses and Aaron could use walking sticks to display the glory of God, then surely we can find some things to do the same. God isn’t limited by our age, our weaknesses, or our disabilities. He is limited only by one thing: our obedience. Because He gives us the freedom to choose His ways. At ages 80 and 83, Moses and Aaron obeyed. What followed was a ridiculous outpouring of the miraculous. Imagine what might happen if we respond to God in the same way. Accomplish great things, we will!

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