Memory Lapse

Confession: sometimes I go to do something and then forget what I was going to do. I walk out to the garage to grab something and then just stand there because I have no idea what I went out there to grab. Please tell me this happens to you, too. I think we all have these memory lapses at one point or another. We forget things, even things we were told to do. It was probably an honest mistake; we just need to be reminded.


Other times, however, the problem isn’t memory. The problem could be that we just don’t care. Or maybe we weren’t paying full attention. It’s possible that we weren’t listening. And while we don’t like to have to give instructions more than once, sometimes others have to do that for us. God did it for Moses in Exodus 26.

Exodus 26:30 Set up the tabernacle according to the plan shown you on the mountain.

In this chapter, God is giving VERY SPECIFIC instructions regarding the building of the tabernacle. Every detail is mentioned. It’s not like those directions that you get when trying to assemble a piece of furniture. No, these directions were very clear. And then there is this little verse right in the middle of the setup manual… “follow the plan I already gave you on the mountain.” Hmmmmm. God has already given Moses the plan; then here we see Him giving it to him again. God had to give him the instructions twice? That’s weird. He’s never had to do that with me. Oh wait…

Okay, I admit it. God has had to “remind” me of some things. You too? At least I’m in good company.

You see, God gave Moses some plans up on the mountaintop. In the same way, God has spoken to me on the mountaintop. In those times in His presence, He calls out to me and calls me action. In those places, He gets to my heart. In those times, He hands me my marching orders. But when I come down from the mountain, I sometimes have a memory lapse. I end up standing in the garage of life going, “what did I come out here for?” But God in His faithfulness reminds me of my calling. He shows me the steps to take. “Follow the plan I gave you on the mountain, Brad.” Oh, yes, the plan.

He doesn’t shame me, condemn me, or abandon me. He simply lays it out again, lovingly reminding me. So if you’ve had a memory lapse today, return to the Lord and ask Him for a reminder. Ask Him for the blueprints of your life. And when He gives them, don’t hesitate. Start building!

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