Why I blog

I started this blog randomly one day – well actually I would like to think it was the leading of the Holy Spirit.  I was writing down my thoughts about a scripture I had read in my devotional time and felt like it needed to be shared.  You ever have those moments?  You know, the ones where you say, “someone else has got to hear this.”  That’s how I felt that day, so I typed up my notes here onto what is now the Abundant Life blog.  The next day I wanted to share again, so I wrote my second entry.  It never stopped.  So what you have is my time with God shared with you.

I read a chapter a day, Monday through Friday.  Saturday is a reflection day on what I have read and written.  Sunday is the day I join with the rest of the Body in corporate prayer, worship, and teaching.  But it is in the Monday through Friday that we live and should grow.  So it is then that I read and I write.  This blog was never intended to be deep or instructional in nature.  I just read, write down what verse or section stands out to me, and write about it.  I don’t study it out, research deeper theological meaning, or explore hermeneutics. I just write.  And it has been amazing to me that every chapter of the Bible I have read since I started this has had some application to my life.

That is my purpose, really.  I hope to inspire others to spend time in their Word and with God.  If you would like, you can follow along with me.  Think of it as a daily devotional book, in blog format.  I encourage you to not only enjoy the posts, but to write down thoughts of your own in a journal.  Sometimes we all need a place to start when picking up our Bibles and maybe this blog will be a starting place for you.

Hope you enjoy!

-Pastor Brad

*Update: As I’ve walked this blogging journey, I’ve learned so much… not just about God’s Word but about me. I’ve adjusted my posting frequency to once per week. The rest of the week I keep it just between me and Jesus. It seems to work better for me that way. I hope you are encouraged, challenged, and blessed by a weekly post!

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