The peace of Chuck Norris

1 Kings 4:24b He had peace on all his surrounding borders.

Solomon was wise; Solomon was powerful.  With the armies described here in 1 Kings 4, he could have wiped out any enemy he wanted. Even if his neighbors had great armies, he easily could have outsmarted them with a better battle plan.   But Solomon had peace on all his surrounding borders.  He had peace.  All around him.

You know who else has peace all around him?  Chuck Norris. Because nobody can defeat the awesomeness that is Chuck Norris.  I dare someone to try.  LOL.  But his peace comes by his hands.  It comes by beating up numskulls.  It comes by intimidating the most worthy foe with his beard… er, I mean, fighting skills.  If peace is determined by how well I can fight, I have a false sense of peace.  I might know I can win, but that doesn’t stop people from attacking me.  So I am left to defend peace with my mad skills at all times.  No thank you Chuck Norris.  No thank you.

So I must gain peace another way.  It cannot be gained through karate.  It cannot be gained with an awesome beard.  It must be gained by how I treat others around me.  (I have the feeling that Solomon treated others well.)  It must be gained by how I lead.  I have to guard my tongue, check my heart, and watch my actions.  It will take effort on my part.  It will require that I don’t take up offenses and that I don’t make assumptions.  Peace is work, but it is worth it.  And it must be accomplished in my heart, not with my hands.

How are your borders defined?  Do you have peace with the people around you?  If not, what can you do to change that?