You just don’t get it

Hosea 8:12 Though I were to write out for him ten thousand points of My instruction, they would be regarded as something strange. 

Have you ever tried to explain a concept to someone who just doesn’t get it?  You try one approach, then another, then another.  You throw in a dozen illustrations, back stories, hand gestures, and props.  But they just can’t seem to grasp what you are talking about.  It’s really frustrating being on the explaining end.  You know what you are trying to explain but it isn’t coming across.  All you get back in return is a blank stare.

God got a blank stare, too… from the people of Ephraim.  You can tell He is frustrated in this chapter because He has tried to show them the right way, but they aren’t getting it.  He says that even ten thousand points of instruction wouldn’t help.  They just don’t get it!  It’s one of those moments where you start thinking, “do I need to draw you a picture?”  How thick-headed can someone be?  The people of Ephraim couldn’t seem to follow God’s ways.

That’s what happens when someone is entrenched in the ways of the world.  There are so many other objects of worship and substitute saviors that they fail to follow the only true one.  I certainly don’t want to have the same problem that Ephraim had.  I actually want to get it when God is speaking to me.  I want to understand His instructions and do something about it.  After all, He’s already given me ten thousand instructions – the Bible.  So I choose to pick it up today, read it, and do what it says.  Feel free to join me.