From slave to significant

1 Kings 9:22 But Solomon did not make slaves of any of the Israelites; they were his fighting men, his government officials, his officers, his captains, and the commanders of his chariots and charioteers. 

Solomon had a lot of power.  He was able to do whatever he wanted with the people he governed.  He captured enemy territories and forced them to do labor.  He was the absolute authority, anointed by God.  But he didn’t wield his hand with force against God’s people.  Instead, he gave them significant things to do that would benefit the kingdom.  In short, he didn’t make them slaves.

Galatians 4:7 tells us that in Christ, we are no longer slaves.  We once were slaves to sin, powerless against it.  But now we are sons, heirs, and part of the King’s Kingdom.  When you give your life to Christ you don’t sign up to be a slave; you sign up for significance.  You get to be a fighting man, an official, and a captain.  This is the way of God: He has a significant plan for your life.  It is a place of honor and a place of purpose.

If you have been struggling with what God has for your life, take hope today.  Just like Solomon did with the Israelites, God does not treat you like a slave.  Instead, you are a son or a daughter.  He has a place of significance for you.  It is an exciting place and if you haven’t found it, begin asking Him to show you.  Because once you begin walking in your purpose, you will discover the most amazing adventure of your life.