Church FAIL

Luke 22:4-5  And Judas went to the chief priests and the officers of the temple guard and discussed with them how he might betray Jesus. They were delighted and agreed to give him money. 

Judas is a disappointment.  He really blew it when it came to being a loyal disciple.  And throughout church history we have been pointing our fingers at him for betraying the One who gave him life.  We scoff at his choice to make a few bucks off the Son of God.  Then we start to wonder how long he had conspired to betray Jesus.  After all, he was the carrier of the money among the disciples.  We wonder if he helped himself to the cash on occasion.  We wonder if he ever really took part in any healings or if he stood by and just watched.  He is guilty, for sure.  He handed over Jesus to be executed.  It was a decision that proved too much to live with, so he killed himself shortly thereafter.

But what about the church?  What about the chief priests and the temple guards?  Are we not as perplexed at their plot to murder a great prophet who was healing God’s people? They had been conspiring for years and we are mad at Judas.  Friends, this is an epic fail for the church.  Imagine if a person came on the scene that was prophesying and spreading the gospel today.  In fact, let’s just hypothetically say that many churches aren’t real comfortable with Benny Hinn.  Maybe they don’t like his style or doubt his healings.  Should we conspire to hire a hit man and have him killed?  That’s preposterous!

Jesus clearly stated that the church’s response to opposition is to love.  Oh wait, they wouldn’t listen to Him.  Will we?  Will we love those who oppose us?  Will we let God be the judge of those who seem to be blaspheming His name?  Because it’s His job really, not ours.  Yet we get so worked up about defending His name.  We insist that people say “Christmas” instead of Happy Holidays.  We ask people not to swear.  We give disapproving looks to people doing things we don’t like.  That’s not how we are supposed to defend His name.  That’s just a modern day church fail.  We defend His name by living a life that He would be proud of.  We defend His name by loving, reaching, helping, and speaking life.   It does no good to defend His name with our mouths, but not live it with our lives.  So let your life line up with your mouth today.  Let your love be the measure of your faith.

2 thoughts on “Church FAIL

  1. Brad – This was a great blog entry! A lot to think about. I enjoyed it!

    By the way, how in the world did you engage your brain to be able to write this on Monday the 19th at 8:23 A.M.? I know what your weekend was like and how little sleep you probably had – you amaze me!!!

    I love you!!!!


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